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Music lovers and concertgoers have the opportunity to hear a wide variety of unique performances, in a remarkable acoustical space whose physical beauty adds to the magic of the moment. Please visit us online regularly for information on the upcoming concert dates and ticket prices.

Show in honor of Ward Swingle by Neptune Vocal Ensemble

Concert in the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Chapel

November 5th, 4pm and 8pm

Neptune Vocal Ensemble brings together professional singers passionately dedicated to vocal music. The members are versatile, with musical training steeped both in jazz and classical traditions, just the right preparation for performing Ward Swingle’s arrangements, inspired by both these sources.


Initially formed in 2014 by Valerie Saulnier, Neptune presents his first show in honour of Mr. Swingle with several of his arrangements. This concert travels through time from one musical world to another. Interpreting pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, Claude Debussy, the Beatles, as well as 1930-1940 jazz standards. Neptune was challenged by this great répertoire where the voices are treated as an instruments. Packed with vocal harmonies, these arrangements highlight the performers’ vocal prowess as they seek to reproduce written piano or big band parts by voice alone. Uniting jazz and classical music, you will find scats in works by Bach, vocal reproduction of a violin quartet in a standard, beatbox effects, passages in German and Italian and many other surprises. Neptune offers a mix of harmonies and vocal textures through this broad repertoire, performed mostly a cappella, occasionally accompanied by percussion.

Tickets on sale at the doors:

12 years old and under : 10$

Student: 15$

Adult : 20$

Info : 514-222-7142

Info: Ensemble vocal Neptune

Mozart's Requiem

November 19th 8pm

Symphony Orchestra accompanied by 350 singers under the direction of Maestro Michel Brousseau

Tickets $ 20 to $ 50

Info : 514-808-1963 or

The Starry Night, fundraising for La Maison Kangourou

December 2nd

Participate in the first fundraising event for The Kangaroo House’s children under the theme “The Starry Night”.

The Kangaroo House is the first emergency center in Quebec open 24h/7 that provide emergency shelter for children whose parents live a temporarily difficult situation. Our project provides essential assistance and ensures security and comfort to these precious beings as children, offering many families important support when faced with a difficult situation.

Christmas is a magical time for most people. But for some families, it is not always the case. The various problems they are facing are not erased with the arrival of snow. This is why The Kangaroo House takes this time of year of sharing and love which is Christmas to raise funds that will help vulnerable parents access to a resource accessible at all times.

Between 2015 and 2016, The Kangaroo House offered more than 200 emergency sleepovers to children from vulnerable families, and the demand is constantly growing. However, to date, we do not receive any government funding and can only rely on corporate donations and those of the public.

Tickets available soon! We also encourage those who wish to bring to this event a Christmas gift wrapped worth about $ 20 (indicating the age range on the package and if the gift is for a girl or boy) that we will give to children at Christmas.

Giorgia Fumanti

Italian-born soprano Giorgia Fumanti first garnered attention as a soloist in the church choir in Aulla, an 800-year-old spiritual gathering place located in Tuscany — a region known not only for its glorious wines but also for its rich artistic legacy. Inspired by vivid childhood memories of her grandmother’s lullabies, this former law student, yoga instructor and certified Reiki Master went on to study voice at Italy’s esteemed Conservatorio di Musica Arrigo Boito in Parma.

“I want my music to be an expression of my soul and for my voice to communicate deep emotions to a large audience all over the world, to all races, all religions and all nations”.

This is how the Italian origin soprano Giorgia Fumanti talks about her music, who accumulates the honors at a steady pace.

To learn more about this incredible artist, visit her web site:

Info : 514-524-4141

Info: Maison Kangourou